IPRD has been working with MIT Lincoln Labs on standards for bluetooth contact tracing that have eventually been deployed as the Google/Apple bluetooth standard that is the cornerstone of many contact tracing systems today.


IPRD has also been working with MITRE corporation helping them incorporate some of our work on subjective and objective measurement (in this case COVID-19 symptoms and COVID-19 test results) as part of machine-guided diagnosis systems more generally, and apply them to their SARA alert system - a nationally-available monitoring, reporting and analysis platform.

IPRD is also working with the VCI committee on standards for vaccination certificates. In particular, IPRD is focusing on the mapping between the FHIR-based VCI certificate standard and the DIVOC certificate standard that is gathering adoption in many LMI countries.

IPRD also has taken its SmartHealth Platform, originally focused on biometrics, patient matching and easily-shareable Personal Health Records (PHRs), and added several new SmartDocuments related to COVID-19 vaccination. These new SmartDocuments perform functions such as vaccination certificate generation and drug pharmacovigilance, all packaged together to produce a SmartHealth RECOVERS capability (Rapidly-deployable and Extensible COvid-19 Vaccination opERational Solution) for LMI countries. We are making this system available for all COVID-19 digital vaccination campaigns worldwide, and the details are described further in our description of Digital Campaigns and on our product website.

Below are videos and images that show a simulated COVID-19 vaccination workflow using SmartHealth RECOVERS