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Impact Health is a service and mobile application with the power to change how healthcare is delivered to LMICs.


Impact Health has been designed to reflect the new reality in digital healthcare that prioritizes in-country solution provisioning and data storage, and has a support-and-maintenance pricing model that enables campaigns to be added or changed with minimal or no cost.

Impact Health leverages the rapidly emerging FHIR standard now being widely adopted in some LMICs, and enables cross-campaign data leverage and real-time patient-specific intervention which is crucial for impact. DHI Impact Health has a focus on real-time Metrics and Evaluation both at the clinic level and the Ministry of Health level, which is crucial for stakeholder engagement and solution sustainability.

Impact Health HCW’s 

Sample Mobile Phone Screen

DHI_IH_Sample HCW_Phone Screen_Blur1.png
IPRD Solutions Continuous Innovation Methodology. CIM is a repeatable process which provides on-the-ground, real-world feeback to help innovation turn into impact

Impact Health Sample User Dashboard

DHI_Impact Health_Dashboard_020623_ANON.png

Automates Workflows for healthcare and other campaign verticals

  • Allows HCWs to focus on the patient and less on bureaucratic processes such as report generation

  • Enables access to real-time data at the clinic level and Ministry of Health level to perform real-time course-correction at all levels of the hierarchy

  • Makes all HCWs’ work more efficient and consistent

  • Configurable by the local integrator to support campaign workflows as they come and go

Works in-Field or in-Clinic

  • Support your patients wherever is most convenient. Track across locations

In-country processing and storage of data 

  • Local storage, processing, and configuration. Patient data doesn't have to leave the country and is managed by in-country local integrators

In-country configuration

  • Deployment of technology is simple and configuration can be executed by in-country teams


  • Allows patients to schedule their next visit reducing loss to follow-up. 

  • SMS and What’s App reminders

  • Self-Scannable OCL QR Code with upcoming appointment information

Low infrastructure and connectivity compatible

  • Works in clinics that have no cell network, requiring only intermittent syncing

Capable of leveraging existing widely-used paper-based approaches

  • Excellent for clinics that already have an established paper-based workflow and want to digitize, improve efficiency and reporting capability, and improve patient outcomes

  • Facilitates change management processes and encourages the adoption of digital solutions

OCL codes as identifiers and data connectors

  • All health campaigns can be connected thereby enabling patient data to be leveraged across campaigns resulting in increased opportunity for impact

Built on FHIR

  • The same standard used in hospitals worldwide - and adopted by Google, WHO, and the Government of India - is core to DHI Impact Health.

  • This enables integration with a broader range of data sources and 3rd party services, both existing and in the future

PIE (Precision Intervention Engine) on FHIR

JAM on FHIR (Just AI and ML on FHIR)

  • Platform includes configurable logic to present opportunities for intervention

DHIS2 report compatible

  • Share data with critical government systems

Future-compatible with WHO Computable Guides

  • Will enable adherence to WHO-specified workflow regimes



Impact Health_Architecture_Website_111423.png


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