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IPRD’s mission is to improve healthcare systems in LMICs through digital transformation including behavioral change by patients, health workers, and governments

IPRD Solutions was founded by Dr. Keith Hanna in 2017 to innovate digital health technologies to enable transformative solutions in the space of Global Health.

Dr. Hanna led the Vision Systems Group at SRI International, Sarnoff, where he spent 15 years pioneering transformative algorithms and systems in the area of biometrics, computer vision and AI. He co-founded and was the CTO at a major biometrics company for over 10 years. Dr. Hanna has over 25 publications and over 100 patents. He is a pioneer in motion and biometrics, and received the 2007 Most Influential Paper over the Decade Award from the International Association of Pattern Recognition. He has pioneered many leading vision algorithms and systems now used worldwide in consumer, broadcast TV, industrial and Government applications today.


Dr. Hanna has a BA in Engineering Sciences from Oxford University, and a D.Phil in Medical Image Processing and Computer Vision also from Oxford University, working with leading clinicians at the Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology on algorithms for the sensitive detection of cataract change to reduce the duration of drug trials.

IPRD Solutions Johannesburg office



Our approach and extensive team experience allows us to be impactful yet small and adaptive


We focus on disruptive and high-value innovations that have the potential for significant impact on Global Health at scale


Our innovation, integration and deployment groups are positioned strategically close to patients, users, partners, and clinicians


We work with world-class software and international health organizations to leverage their scale and strategic impact


We leverage and build on existing scaled global health platforms, solutions and technologies that have already impacted a health vertical in a particular geography


We modify existing scaled global health solutions and deploy them in different geographies or different health verticals using input from leading clinical, deployment and Govt partners in the new geography or vertical


We leverage the power of software scalability to be disproportionately impactful

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